Me and my friend Rose | Part 1 The Beginning

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

How can you resist this face?  Meet Rose.  She is an Australian Cattle Dog AKA a Red Heeler.  She is owned by Tom and Pam, two very good friends of mine.   

Here is part 1 of our story.

It all began when I was minding my own business at our Wednesday night church dinner.  I didn't notice the empty chair beside me, as I was busy carrying on a humor charged conversation with my buddy Carol at the time.  All of a sudden, Tom (who I didn't know very well then) sat down beside me.  Oh no, I thought, I'm in trouble, what have I done now.  You see, Tom is an elder in our church; and usually, when I am approached by an elder, I'm in trouble, as I can be somewhat out-spoken and filterless when I am passionate about an idea or a cause.  So, braced for my lecture, I turned to Tom and said "Hello".  

Much to my relief, he said "I need your help, I need some advice from the dog whisperer".   Somehow, I had gotten that nickname at church.  I'm a little unsure of how that all got started; but, I just run with it.  I responded with caution, "Okay?".  Tom told me he was getting an Australian Cattle Dog, a Red Heeler, to be exact and would like my help and advice.  He was absolutely giddy and started showing me pictures of the father of the puppies.  Soon I was as excited as he was and enthusiastically offered to help in any way.   Tom told me he would be getting his pup in a few weeks and would get back with me.  "Okay, sounds good", I said ,and then it was time for Bible study.  

A couple of weeks later, my doorbell rang.  I opened the door to meet Tom holding a dog crate.  We had exchanged a couple of text messages about crates, clickers and harnesses; but, I had yet to meet the puppy in person!  

The next thing I knew, Tom and I were sitting in the floor trying to coax the 6-week old baby out of her crate while discussing possible names.  Lola, Dyna, Olba, Poppy or Pam's favorite Rosy were all possibilities.    I thought I had the best one...."Sydney, it's perfect, she's from Australia" .  Tom smirked, he wasn't as keen on it as I was.  

She was so cute!!!!  But all puppies are!  I knew from my grooming business that cattle dogs could be quite the challenge.  They are scary smart and if you are not careful, they will be training you instead of you training them!  They also require a lot of exercise.  Pam told me they got her so Tom would have a walking buddy....he needed to lose weight.  I thought, well she's the dog for the job.  Maybe he will end up running in his sixties....who knows?

I was so excited about this would have thought this was my dog.  I had been around dogs all my life, training them, grooming them, loving  and losing them to old age or health issues.  I had two precious pups of my own; but, somehow I was immediately in love with this little girl.

Tom and I exchanged texts almost daily with updates on her progress, questions about crate training, collars vs. harnesses, food, chews, dog responding with  advice on how to do this and that.  I had sold my grooming business months earlier and had some miscellaneous dog toys, collars, shampoo, and; of course, a copy of Cesar Millan's (the real dog whisperer) book...."Be the Pack Leader".  So I made Tom and Pam a puppy care package to help with their little bundle of joy.   I was obsessed with her getting off to a good start and learning her manners.   I was firm with Tom about her becoming part of the family.  No outside dog lots for her...NO...never.

All was going well...but a name.....we needed a name....FINALLY...Tom texted....we are going to name her Rose.  Tom was very exact (being the engineer that he is).....not Rosy

...Rose.   My heart was perfect.

Little did I know then, that my journey with Rose would blossom into much more than back and forth advice texts; or, that I would make two very dear friends because of this little puppy bundle who immediately stole my heart.

Stay Tuned for Part 2:  The Vacation Dilemma

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