Me and My Friend Rose | Part 3 Puppy Training 101 Begins | The Dog Door

Tom arrives to drop off Rose. After 3 trips to and from his car, I had a plastic bin filled with treats, food, a harness, dog toys, vet records organized meticulously in a folder, sentinel, chews, tennis balls, a crate, and a plastic swimming pool. My dogs were 8 years old and didn't begin to have this much stuff.

I was given detailed instructions about Sentinel, the next vet appointment, and requests for daily pictures. New puppy parents -- Whew! -- it was not my first rodeo -- I was, after all, the Buffalo Presbyterian Dog Whisperer.

After Tom left, it was time for the dog meet and greet. I had put Molly and Oscar in their crate to give Rose a chance to get her bearings. After about 30 minutes of letting her sniff, walk around, find the water bowl and canvas the back yard -- I released the hounds ( well okay, the cockapoos). In typical Molly and Oscar style.....Oscar the playmate and Molly the pleasantries were exchanged between all. Now Oscar and Rose were chasing a plastic water bottle around the deck (so much for the plastic crate of toys), and Molly was looking at both of them, like the princess that she is, wanting no part of the game in progress. All was well in hand.

So first things first....Rose needed to be house broken....Cue Molly and Oscar....

Always prepared for a not so motivated cockapoos were charged with showing Rose the ins and outs of a dog door...literally.

I also had to somehow raise the step on the outside of the door because Rose was so small. A little southern redneck ingenuity prevailed and the outside step was rigged with an upside down countertop scrap that had been tossed in my outbuilding from another project -- it wasn't pretty but it was PERFECT.

Rose sat beside me outside while Molly and Oscar went in and out of the dog door repeatedly on command.

She was a little perplexed by the whole process, tilting her head from side to side, while Molly and Oscar bounded in and out...out and in...

through the dog door at full throttle.

Clearly, it doesn't take much to wear them out!!!! Actually...they are just naturally lazy (ha ha).

Now it was Rose's turn. With Molly, Oscar and I outside and Rose inside....cue youtube video....

Did I mention that Rose is scary smart and incredibly fearless. In less than 19 seconds she was dog door trained. That must be some kind of record for a 9 week old puppy! Of course she was under the tutelage of Molly and Oscar; even so, all three of us were stunned and amazed at her rapid understanding and execution of dog door excellence.

Now all that was left was for her to understand the purpose of her new found exit to the backyard. Easy peasy for Rose!!!! I was standing in the kitchen, not even an hour later, when I heard her exit the family room through the dog door all by herself....and yes; I did, hear angels sing!!!! I peered around the corner and peeked out the door; and sure enough, there she was squatting to pee. Happy dances and carrot treats for all. Another milestone reached by this ever incredible dog!

Next Up - Part 4 - Rose Gets Social

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