Me and My Friend Rose | Part 2 The Vacation Dilemma

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I get a text from Tom asking if I'm going to the church outing. He says he hopes so because he needs my advice. Of course, I say yes.

So there we are, I'm picking over my Caprese salad (because I'm always on a diet that leads to nowhere) and Tom and Pam are across from me eating mouth watering pizza. Finally Tom gets around to his question....."We are going on a two week vacation in a couple of weeks. We had it planned before we decided to get Rose. Any boarding ideas or advice?"

I take a deep breath. I think to vet or boarding facility is going to accept such a young puppy, barely 9 weeks old.....Tom adds, "The breeder might keep her; but, she would probably be in the kennel outside". He knew I wouldn't like that idea as I had lectured him on how this puppy had to be a part of the family. Tom had cast the baited line...I knew that Steve would absolutely kill me....Pam is giving me the "please help us look"....I don't see any other alternative..."I'll keep her", I respond reluctantly; but, I'm going to charge you.

Tom had successfully reeled me in, Pam was relieved, and I knew I was going to be in deep trouble with Steve. Oscar would be fine with it; but, I was not sure about Molly. I went home to deliver the news.

"A puppy, are you crazy, what about our dogs....I can't believe you agreed to do this" Steve said....pacing in front of me. I felt like I use to when I was getting a lecture from my mother about a less than stellar report card. "It will be fine" I said, "You won't have to do anything, I'll take care of won't have to do anything." I smiled...Steve grimaced. I laughed, he grumbled. I said "Okay?", Steve just shook his head. He wasn't happy; but for me, the worst was over. I had survived the lecture; and although, not thrilled about it, Steve was okay with it. Whew....the worst was over.

Now onto bigger more important things, in two weeks there would be a puppy under our roof, preparations and planning were in order. I was in my element and secretly giddy about taking care of a puppy! Molly and Oscar had no idea about the upcoming events; however, I knew, they were in for a big surprise. In their case, ignorance was bliss.

It was all going to work out just fine!

Stay Tuned for Part 3 : Puppy Training 101 - The Dog Door

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