I dropped my scissors....AGAIN!

Updated: Jan 1

How many times have you been grooming a dog and AGAIN.....your scissors fly off your table and into the floor.  Usually, right after you have paid to have them sharpened.  It use to happen to me all the time.  I looked everywhere trying to find something that would work. Everything I saw, either wouldn’t work, or was made out of  fabric that would be a hair magnet.

To fix my problem, I designed and developed The Groomers Apron®. This special apron allows you to keep your scissors, combs, clippers, trimmers and even your cell phone by your side.  It also converts into a secure scissor roll with the included scrunchy  for storing or traveling with your scissors.  Click on the video to see it transform.

The aprons are made out of bridal satin or silk brocade and all seams and scissor pockets are double reinforced for durability. Hair will not stick to the apron! They are all machine washable. Lastly, the aprons were field tested by several groomers who were mobile and/or in shops. I'm proud to say that it passed with flying colors.

So if you are a pet groomer who struggles to keep your tools at your side and off your table and/or the floor, take a peek at The Groomers Apron®. Although it was originally designed for Pet Groomers, it has also been quickly adopted by Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, Teachers, Event Planners, Tradeswomen, Quilters, Waitresses and Seamstresses. If you need a third hand to do what you do....this is it!

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