Good Mistakes and Great Danes

Updated: Feb 16

So sometimes a really bad mistake turns into something really good. I got an order for 8 XL Martingale Collars with a custom request for fabric small loops for the 5 2" wide collars on the order. I normally don't make fabric small loops for 2" wide martingale collars because they are not as strong as half check chains. And since I specialize in collars for large and giant breed dogs, most of them weighing in excess of 90 lbs, I don't offer this option in my stock 2" wide collars. The break strength is just not strong enough to halt a 90 lb and up dog should a firm correction be required. But disclaimers issued, the customer still wanted fabric small loops.

I had just finished an order for 5 Large Collars for a Standard Poodle customer and began on the custom 8 collar order. Somewhere between the printed order and my sewing machine, I had Large collar in my head and I guess Standard Poodle on the brain instead of Great Dane. Sooo never realizing this huge mistake, I made and sent 8 LARGE martingale collars to my customer instead of the 3 Large and 5 XL Martingale Collars on the order.

Needless to say once the customer received their order my phone rang. She said, "I can't even get these collars over their head." I was (to put it mildly), HORRIFIED. I had never made such an error, but I immediately realized that this was completely my fault. My customer was super nice about it and offered to send them back to me as an exchange. NO NO NO. She should not have to incur any postage charges or charges of any kind for something that was completely my fault. So I told her that I would replace the 5 Large Collars she had received with 5 XL collars immediately and send them out. No need to return the Large collars to me. I told her to just donate them to a local rescue.

So a couple of days later, all was well again (well kind of, I was still kicking myself for making such a stupid error), my customer had received her CORRECT collars and she was pleased. I checked my e-mail and there it was...A beautiful e-mail from Sarah at Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue (#UMGDR) with pictures attached of rescue Danes wearing the mistakenly made large martingale collars. The rescue was so grateful and I felt a whole lot better about my idiotic error.

But wait, there is more.....I sponsor large and giant breed rescues on my website. The customer gets 5% off and the rescue gets 10% of the order proceeds. I was currently sponsoring another Great Dane Rescue but they really didn't endorse the program and therefore, I didn't get any orders using their code. So no Danes were reaping any of the benefits. I responded to Sarah's email telling her it was my pleasure to help out and told her about the program. Well...#UMGDR was all over being sponsored by my site, immediately liked my FB page, wrote a snippet on their Facebook page and we have an official launch planned for March. I even have a collar style that mimics the rescue's colors and it is now named for the rescue.

So sometimes really bad mistakes can turn into something really good. If you would like to support Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue #UMGDR and get a stylish collar at a discount just enter SAVEADANE at checkout!