What is a Martingale Collar?

Martingale Dog Collars were originally designed for dogs such as Greyhounds which have a head that is narrower than their neck.  The collar is comprised of a "large loop" and a "small loop".  The "small loop" will enable the collar to tighten so the dog cannot slip out of the the collar when they pull or back up.  They are very popular for large and giant breed dogs as they enable the owner a greater degree of control over their dog when on lead.  Our martingale collars are wide therefore preventing damage to your dog's neck and throat when a firm correction is necessary.  We offer two types of Martingale Collars as described below.

Martingale Half Check - Available in 1 1/2" and 2" Wide Collars

In a half check style martingale the "small loop" is comprised of a stainless steel chain.  These chains are very strong and recommended highly for large and giant breed dogs that pull.  This type of collar is very effective as a training device to teach your dog not to pull.  Your dog will quickly associate the sound of the chain tightening when they are pulling as a correction and learn to walk on a lead without pulling.

Martingale Small Fabric Loop - Available in 1 1/2" Wide Collars Only

This is the traditional martingale collar style with a “fabric” small loop".  It is suitable for large dogs that weigh less than 60–70 lbs. and is commonly associated with greyhound dogs.  The fabric small loop is not as strong and will not provide your dog the same training correction as the “half check chain” martingale collar.  Our fabric small loop martingale collars can also include a heavy-duty molded nylon (not plastic) quick release buckle for easy on and off.  Please request a buckle martingale at check out, otherwise we will assume you want a traditional martingale collar.

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